Wood Burning Log Stoves, Fireplaces, Biomass and Renewable Heating Showroom near Skipton - Solar Thermal and Heat Pump Experts in Yorkshire and Lancashire, Traforart and Romotop Fireplaces and Stoves

Welcome to Ashburn Stoves

We Sell A Wide Range of Wood Burning Stoves, Log Stoves, Multi-Fuel Stoves and Fireplaces near Skipton.

Biomass Boilers, Solar and Heat Pump Renewable Heating System Specialists

We design and specify renewable heating system installations

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Log Stoves – Multi Fuel Stoves – Boiler Stoves

We sell a range of Wood Burning Log Stoves, Multi-Fuel Stoves and Boiler Stoves, underpinned by engineering excellence and heating efficiency, including Traforart, Romotop, Westfire, Mendip, Beltane, Hergam, Jide, Oak Stoves, Fogo Montanah and Island Pellet Stoves

Our Stoves and Boilers are chosen to add style and quality to any home – visit our heating showroom in Earby

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Renewables – Biomass Boilers, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps

We are UK distributors for the VERNER and PONAST range of Biomass Log & Pellet Boilers for central heating & hot water – providing cost effective independence from utility companies.
Offering stand alone central heating & hot water or a duel fuel solution when added to an existing, or Solar Thermal system.

We design and specify renewable heating system installations

Fireplaces – TraforArt & Romotop

Our 2016 / 17 range includes designer fireplaces –  a center piece for any contemporary or traditional home.

Including the TraforArt  and  Romotop  ranges of fireplaces and stoves

trafor art fireplaces in the UK

Hot Stuff

We Link renewable heating alternatives together into one viable solution
Our ‘Hot Stuff’ Multi Energy Heat Bank collects energy at optimum times and costs – to provide controllable heat on demand when you need it.

Linking together any combination of ‘off grid’ renewable sources with ‘on-grid’ supplies, configured to give you your best individual heating solution. We provide design and specification services and manage system installations.

hot stuff heat bank