We stock Brackettes – Logs made from bracken

brackettes for sale

Brackettes.  ‘super logs’ made from bracken – 100% natural. Yes, bracken. You know, that fern-like stuff that covers the countryside.

Why bracken? Well, when it turns brown, we harvest it, dry it, cut it and mash it all together to create Brackettes. We found that after we’d done all that, our Brackettes actually burnt hotter than oak (something to do with having a higher calorific value and lower moisture content). Good huh?

Something else to warm the soul is, that when we harvested the bracken, it increased the bio-diversity of the land so bluebells can flourish as can all types of flora and fauna.

And, by burning bracken instead of wood, we’re not cutting down any beautiful old trees either.

Good news all ’round wouldn’t you say?

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