Spring is just around the corner

What a warm winter…. so far !!

Most people like to forget all about their home heating once the summer arrives, and only find out they should have had it serviced after the winter when they try to turn it on in November.

This means that we are tooooo busy, just when you need us most.

Why not book your boiler in for a service early this year, it will cost less and you will know that everything will be ready for that first cold spell in the autumn

boiler and heating service

If you want to:

  • Arrange a boiler service
  • Learn more about modern heating options including renewable heating such as Solar, Heat Pumps or Biomass
  • Find out what’s involved with fitting a new, efficient Log Stove – or have your flue swept or surveyed

Contact us now to arrange these this spring and summer, before the autumn price increases.


01282 841500


Installing renewable heating in listed buildings within a National Park

Ashburn are currently installing a renewable heating system into a lovely listed building in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Being based on the edge of the park we have huge experience working within such a sensitive conservation area, working on old and listed buildings and working with the authorities planning officers.



We will add more news as work continues 


This is what renewable heating is all about – Real solutions for real homes

At Ashburn we know what renewable heating means for real homes – we run renewable heating in our own home.

renewable heating options

If you would like to learn about real solutions for saving money and becoming independent from utility companies, or adding renewable heating into your ‘multi-source’ heating solution – talk to us

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