Installing renewable heating in listed buildings within a National Park

Ashburn are currently installing a renewable heating system into a lovely listed building in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Being based on the edge of the park we have huge experience working within such a sensitive conservation area, working on old and listed buildings and working with the authorities planning officers.



We will add more news as work continues 


Bracken Brackettes – Logs made from compressed bracken

We are very pleased to stock ‘Brackettes’ – Logs made from bracken, as seen on Country File

brackettes1 bag £6.99
10 Bags £6.25 each collected (or delivery £46)
50 bags £6.00 each collected (or delivery £46)
100 bags £5.00 each including free delivery



This is real renewable and economical heating ….. briquette logs formed from compressed bracken

Brackettes. That’s what we call our ‘super logs’ made from 100% bracken. Yes, bracken.

You know, that fern-like stuff that covers the countryside.Why bracken? Well, when it turns brown, we harvest it, dry it, cut it and mash it all together to create Brackettes.

We found that after we’d done all that, our Brackettes actually burnt hotter than oak (something to do with having a higher calorific value and lower moisture content). Good huh?Something else to warm the soul is, that when we harvested the bracken, it increased the bio-diversity of the land so bluebells can flourish as can all types of flora and fauna.
And, by burning bracken instead of wood, we’re not cutting down any beautiful old trees either.Good news all ’round wouldn’t you say?

You can read more about them here

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Renewable Heat from Wood Logs – don’t just take our word for it

The mystic world of the ‘Biomass Carbon Heat Cycle’ explained by Barney the Beaver, our resident furry woodland creature.


It is actually a very simple concept, but not widely understood:

barney the beaver

  • Trees (or other crops) grow, and as they grow they trap carbon.
  • The trees are then cut down, turned into DRY logs and burnt in an EFFICIENT Log Stove or Biomass Boiler. (Harvested Biomass crops are turned into pellets for automatic Biomass Boilers).
  • The carbon is then released – to be re-captured by the next growth of wood or crops.

Note: Beavers, furry or otherwise, are not part of the Carbon Cycle – Barney is only here to help with our education

If you want to learn more about burning wood or installing log stoves, follow the ‘all about stoves’ link on the SIA website here


This is what renewable heating is all about – Real solutions for real homes

At Ashburn we know what renewable heating means for real homes – we run renewable heating in our own home.

renewable heating options

If you would like to learn about real solutions for saving money and becoming independent from utility companies, or adding renewable heating into your ‘multi-source’ heating solution – talk to us

Yes, it will get colder this winter – how warm will you be?

Whether you need Solar Thermal Heating, a Biomass Boiler or want to benefit from latent heat via a Heat Pump – Ashburn have all the answers.

renewable heating experts

You may not want to totally replace your existing gas or oil system – Ashburn have all the answers to help you gain more energy independence and cut your heating costs. Talk to us about a Multi Energy Heat Bank.

If you are dreaming of warm evenings in front of a modern, efficient Log Stovevisit Ashburns heating showroom in Victoria Mill.

hot stuff heat bank


Cold War Continues Post Brexit

Our war on cold homes continues………………… all the hot air has died down

biomass boilers

Discussions in our office today turned to Brexit, the value of the pound and some issues relating to heating this winter.

  1. Many of our stoves and fires are made in the UK and represent great engineering and value for money
  2. Some of our fires are manufactured by our European friends – we are working hard to keep any price changes due to exchange rates to a minimum
  3. Wood is NOT effected…. nor is GROUND HEAT or SOLAR, so provided the world keeps turning we are OK

NB: if you are still burning Gas piped from Eastern Europe………….bad luck

If you want to talk about renewable forms of heating, or just want some advice about burning wood…………….give us a call: 01282 841500

What are the most important things to consider when buying a Log Stove – Advice from Barney the Beaver

Barney thought it would be interesting to understand what our customers think is important when they are considering buying a log stove….. so he asked them…. clever creature:

barney the beaver

  1. Comfort – everyone agrees that they want warmth and comfort as a priority.
  2. Savings – being in control of heating costs and benefiting from the efficiency of modern stoves.
  3. Independence – being more independent of utility companies is increasingly important.
  4. Safety – having confidence that their supplier can arrange a competent chimney survey and fit a stove which is safe; meeting regulations and insurance requirements.
  5. Modern or Retro – the growing range of stoves being produced presents a bewildering range to choose from. Modern engineering excellence is evident in all our stoves.
  6. Flexibility – many of our customers want more than a Log Stove. We are renewable heating experts and can advise upon flexible, multi energy renewable heating options

Call in to our showrooms or meet us at one of our roadshows – we can give you excellent, knowledgeable advice.

Our Next Roadshow is at Shackletons near Clitheroe

Shackletons Home and Garden Centre is at Chatburn, close to Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley

renewable heating roadshow

We are holding our Heating Roadshow on Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th November.

best trade stand


  • Log Stove and Designer Fireplace Displays
  • Help and Advice About Renewable Heating, Including Biomass, Solar and Heat Pumps

You can read more about Ashburn here>>

You can read more about Shackletons Home and Grden here>>

Barney The Beaver’s Stove of The Week

Our stove of the week this week has been chosen by Barney our resident woodland creature.

stove of the month

Many of you may remember Barney from his recent appearance in the movie ‘How to light a log fire’

Barney has been very impressed with the quality and design of the Churchill stove from Mendip stoves.

the churchill stove from mendip

  • A UK Manufactured stove providing 80% efficiency.
  • Available in 4.6kw,, and
  • Air wash system
  • Cool handles
  • Convection option
  • One simple control
  • External air connection option
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty


barney loves his mendip stove