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Ashburn Stoves and Heating are a local Log Stove company

We have been installing Log Stoves across Yorkshire, Lancashire and the National Park since 2013, even extending to the Scottish Highlands and Islands where our specialist knowledge and experience with boiler stoves is valued.


During difficult times such as the current virus restrictions we believe our local, family managed service is valued by our customers and we will go the extra mile to make sure your projects continue to move forward with as little difficulty as possible.


Our diary is booking up fast and we suggest anyone considering a new Log Stove, whether in your home, a new-build or renovation contacts us as early as possible. Planning ahead now is the best way to ensure a smooth job.

fiona at ashburn

While our new stove showroom is being finished Fiona is your first point of contact regarding Log Stoves. Her knowledge of the stove market and  property issues is second to none.




happy christmas Finally although it is too early for us all to know what Christmas will bring this year – stay safe and look after your families and friends this Christmas

Renewable Heating System Demand Outstrips Supply

2021 will see a further huge growth in the take-up of Renewable ‘Green’ Heating

Unprecedented demand means you may well have to wait for your work to commence, delaying both new-build and renovation / conversion projects


biomass boiler fitted

This warning comes as demand for new systems driven by the Governments ‘Green Deal’ has taken the industry by storm at a time when Covid 19  restrictions have inevitably slowed the pace at which companies can operate.

Ashburn Stoves & Heating is a company that switched to fitting renewables at an early stage, benefitting now from considerable experience and expertise, their services are in high demand.

Bruce Mills Ashburn’s technical manager quoted their orderbook as ‘excessive’ through this winter and spring. ‘the lead time to find and develop new engineers is longer for us than traditional Gas based engineers. Renewables are a whole new technology that require a whole new set of skills. Our expectation of our engineers is very high.
We strongly advise anyone considering a project which includes Renewable Heating to contact us as early as possible. We can make sure your project is in the diary and we can secure the necessary parts and components before the inevitable price rises this winter. 

Visit our Log Stove & Heating Showroom – please book an appointment

A final farewell to our old showroom in Earby – Yes we are finally on the move to our new ‘Renewable Heating Centre’

  • Where is the Renewable Heating Centre? –
    • Not far away on the A682 between Gisburn and Blacko
  • Can we just call in? –
    • normally yes, but due to Corona Virus and the final changes to the building you need to contact us first to arrange an appointment
  • Am I committing to buy a stove or heating system from you by visiting the centre?
    • Absolutely not! we can meet you in our new cafe next door and we are happy to provide you with any information you need

See our Contact Page to find us

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Big range of Log Stoves – now’s the time

Now is the time to start planning for that new Log Stove you have promised yourself …. before the nights start getting colder


While our move to our new Renewable Heating Centre is underway our showroom will be out of action ….. but don’t worry we have a huge range of stoves on our website here>>  and still have limited installation dates in the diary before Christmas

If you want a good quality Log Stove fitted by a professional and experienced team give us a call 01282 841500

ashburn stoves and heating

You can also make an appointment to meet one of our team at our new cafe – Hamishs Cafe on Blacko Summit
To browse some catalogs over a cup of coffee

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Working from home – the future

specialist heating installersWhat are the renewable energy challenges when working from home

Some thoughts from Ashburn’s Renewable Heating team

For many people working from home will be the future ‘normal’ …….. but there are implications which need to be factored in:

  • Where and when your home is heated may change the costs calculations for type of heating system you use
  • Less travel to and from work may reduce some peoples costs, or the expenses costs to their employer
  • More time working from home during the winter months will mean higher energy bills
  • The type of vehicle you run and the type of energy it uses may change
  • Energy companies may change the way they charge for energy at different times of the day

Our new ‘Renewable Energy Centre’ will help answer these and other questions you may have about your home or business heating options.

We are currently in the middle of moving the whole business into it’s new home so making an appointment to see us would be wise at the moment, but we can make you comfortable in Hamish’s Cafe next door and talk you through the Renewable Energy options


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