A CoronaVirus update from Ashburn Stoves & Heating

It looks like we are all in for a longer wait until the lock-down eases and work returns to normal, so here is a short summary of our situation:

new showroom and cafeHere at Ashburn we are working hard to keep our on-going move to a new site on-track and discuss with clients when and where we can continue to meet their heating needs.
Along with all of you we are also working hard to keep our families, staff and customers safe.

  1. Heating emergency calls
    If you are an existing customer with a heating emergency please contact us.
  2. Our move to a new site at the old Moorcock Inn above Blacko
    Our plans have inevitably been moved forward. Bruce and Fiona are working hard to keep as much work on the renovations going as possible. Our Earby site in Victoria Mill is still operating but we advise contacting us by phone or email. We can arrange safe site meetings or video meetings.
  3. Hamish’s Tea Room
    The tea room and café is still being developed and will open in line with Government advice regarding the relaxation of the lock-down.
  4. Log Stoves
    Our website at http://www.AshburnStoves.co.uk provides information on a vast range of stoves and now is a good time to plan ahead if you want to ensure you have some independent, reliable heating in your home next winter
  5. Renewable Heating Systems
    Our heating website at http://AshburnHeating.co.uk provides information on our Renewable Heating options. Again, now is the time to start your plans for next winter to ensure you have a reliable heating system in place.
  6. Safety
    You can be assured that we will take all measures to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.
    If you would like to have an initial conversation about your plans and find out how we can still work with you to make things happen, email us on hello@AshburnStoves.co.uk


Best wishes and stay safe and warm from the team at Ashburn

Fix your heating costs


We are all wondering what the next 6 months will bring, but we can be confident that:

  • Winter will eventually arrive
  • Power prices will rise
  • Cost of key appliances and components will increase
  • Availability of key components and appliances will be difficult

We are happy to discuss how we can help overcome some of these issues now and how Ashburn will operate to manage the risks from CoronaVirus
fix your heating costs

Call us now:  01282 841500  –  hello@AshburnHeating.co.uk

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Choosing a Heating System

We have seen a good article in ‘Real Homes’ magazine – giving a lot of information about modern traditional and Renewable Energy heating systems.

home heating advice


If you would like to learn even more – arrange a visit to our showrooms and Renewable’s Center to discuss the ‘real world’ options for your property and your lifestyle

renewable heating advice

renewable heating installers and engineers

And then the lights went out

Somebody asked me today “what are you doing tomorrow?” I replied “same thing I did yesterday” ……….. covona-virus lock-down and self isolation is starting to wear a bit thin!!

power cutTo make things worse we were sat in front of the TV a couple of nights ago and the lights went out …. lights, phones, the lot. I sat for a little while in the dark reflecting on the situation:

  • If we had got round to updating the heating system underfloor heating would have kept the house warm for some hours
  • We could have had some Independence from the power grid
  • We could have at least fitted a log stove
  • I can’t find the fridge

We decided we may as well go to bed.


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Coronavirus – up-date 24 March 2020

Statement 27-03-2020

We have now run out of wood pellets – contact us for current information
01282 841500  hello@AshburnStoves.co.uk

Coronavirus – up-date 24 March 2020

Statement following todays Government advice 24-03-2020


  • We continue developing an on-line virtual meeting facility to enable customers to continue their planning – please register your interest here 01282 841500  hello@AshburnStoves.co.uk  and we will follow this up with you
  • The showroom doors are now closed to general public access
  • If you need fuel (pellets) call 01282 841500  hello@AshburnStoves.co.uk  (facebook/messenger messaged may not be sufficient)
  • If you need heating emergency repairs call 01282 841500  hello@AshburnStoves.co.uk  and we will do our utmost to help you

CoronaVirus Statement 23-03-2020

Ashburn are analysing how we can we help our customers with either their existing heating projects, or help them ‘Beat The Queue’ and start getting their new project underway now, so that ‘post virus’ they are a good position to pick up the pieces without further delays.

new project managerWe are soon launching a new ‘Virtual Meeting’ facility which will allow our customers to discuss their plans and start considering feasibility and preparing plans. You will have the opportunity to book a meeting on-lone with our Managing Director, Technical Directer or Project Manager.

While we are developing this you can contact us here to express an interest and we will get back to you ASAP:

01282 841500  hello@AshburnStoves.co.uk 


Previous statement – During these difficult times Ashburn are integrating Government advice into our work practices:
1: The health of all our staff is questioned on a daily basis and all staff are aware of the need to isolate themselves from contact with the public.
2: Where work is taking place in an unoccupied property progress is uneffected
3: where work is taking place on an occupied property the decision whether or not to continue will be made in conversation with the client. If work does progress a method to manage the relevant health issues will be agreed.
4: Emergency work: where emergency work is required to maintain heat and hot water, a method to undertake this while reducing any health risk will be agreed with the client.
5: Planning new or future work: We know many people still have plans to install new heating systems, or may need to understand more about renewables in order to reach a decision. Ashburn are happy to undertake as much help/advice/planning as possible; either by phone/email or via meetings arranged in a manner which reduces health risks as far as possible

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New Renewable Heating Project Manager

Ashburn Heating has grown very quickly over the last two years and have now employed Dave Ridler as their new Project Manager.
Dave’s role is to work closely with our Technical Director Bruce Mills and our clients, to ensure their projects progress as agreed.

So if you want to inquire about fitting a Renewable Heating system in Lancashire, Craven, Pendle or the Yorkshire Dales National Park Dave is your first contact –

01282 841500


new project manager

Budget changes to RHI Renewable Heat Incentive Funding

March 2020 – changes to the RHI funding scheme for renewable heating systems.

We have fund this article which reviews the changes outlined in yesterdays budget (https://www.hvpmag.co.uk/)

If you are considering using RHI funding to install a new heating system, it may prove advantageous to do so now before changes to a new ‘low carbon heat support scheme’ come into force, as the financial benefit may be less than the current scheme.

renewable heating mixThe Article:

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will be extended to 31 March 2022, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced.

In his first budget, the Chancellor announced that the deadline for the Domestic RHI had been extended by another year, to 2022. The government will also introduce a new allocation of flexible tariff guarantees to the Non-Domestic RHI in Great Britain in March 2021, helping to “provide investment certainty for the larger and more cost-effective renewable heat projects,” it said.

In order to help hit its net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 target, the government has also allocated an additional £10 million in 2020-21 to support the design and delivery of net-zero policies and programmes.

Also included in the budget was mention of consultation on introducing a new low carbon heat support scheme from April 2022 to help households and small businesses invest in heat pumps and biomass boilers, backed by £100 million of new Exchequer funding, as well as a consultation on introducing levy-funded support for biomethane production to increase the proportion of green gas in the grid.

The budget also saw a commitment to invest £270 million in a new Green Heat Networks Scheme, to enable new and existing heat networks to be low carbon and connect to waste heat that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

In addition, the government will also establish carbon capture and storage (CCS) in at least two UK sites by 2030, supported by the creation of new CCS Infrastructure Fund of at least £800 million.

Commenting on the budget, Isaac Occhipinti, Head of External Affairs at the EUA, said: “[The] EUA are, of course, pleased that Chancellor Sunak’s has included green gas, heat pumps, and heat networks, in addition to a Low Carbon Heat Support Scheme – a successor to the RHI, in his first budget, but in all honesty, it’s not enough.”

“An affordable, secure and sustainable energy system is of paramount importance to the UK. If we are to achieve it, we must put in what we seek to get out.”

“EUA have long championed the need for carbon capture and storage as a means of allowing the UK to use flexible energy sources such as hydrogen, to meet seasonal variations, dictated by the UK climate while supporting carbon reduction.

“Government have recognised that ‘power generated by some renewable sources is dependent on the weather, so the UK also needs reliable low carbon power from technologies such as nuclear, gas with CCS, and hydrogen.’”

“EUA believe that carbon capture is one of the most significant potential contributors to reducing carbon emissions whilst continuing to utilise the UK’s most valuable asset – the gas grid.”

You can find out more about RHI here:  https://ashburnheating.co.uk/grants/


Our Renewable Heating Centre is Coming Soon

renewable heating centreThe renovation work at the Old Moorcock Inn above Blacko is in progress.

The new showroom will provide information and working examples of our renewable heating systems [ Heat Pumps, Biomass and Solar ], together with our range of Eco Compliant, clean burn Log Stoves.

Alongside the showroom we are building Hamish’s Country Cafe –  a terrific venue for lunch or a cake and coffee, with plenty of on-site parking and terrific views of Pendle.

We hope to be open by June

Our existing showroom at Victoria Mill Earby remains open 9-5 Mon-Fri and 10-2 Saturday until we move

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Reconditioned Morso Squirrel Stove

morso squirrel stoveWe have a fully reconditioned Stove for Sale – Wood or Multifuel

The Morsø Squirrel 1410 is the perfect choice for small homes and small spaces. A favourite amongst narrowboat owners, this little gem is one of Morsø’s best selling stoves and it is clear to see why.

This traditional cast iron stove is capable of burning both wood and smokeless fuels and offers a fantastic nominal heat output of 4.5Kw’s. Traditional in design, the 1410 offers Morsø’s iconic squirrel relief on both sides of the stove



01282 841500

How to burn your log stove efficiently and safely

dunsley avance stoveHere are some top tips to ensure Log Stove owners do all they can to help their local environment:

• If using an open fireplace only burn smokeless fuels. Not all fuels sold are smokeless but if in doubt ask your supplier.
• Any stove or fireplace should properly maintained and its chimney swept regularly.
• If using a stove or other appliance use normal wood. Usually wood that has been kiln dried or seasoned to have a lower moisture content will be much less polluting, as much as 50 per cent less pollution than emitted from burning fresh logs.
Drier wood is more efficient, producing more heat per log.
• Wood that has the Woodsure Ready to Burn label is certified to have a low moisture content
• Never burn old pallets, furniture or scrap wood as it may contain contaminants that can be harmful to your health and the environment.
• Store fuels correctly to make sure wood does not get damp from the rain or damp in the ground.
• Open fireplaces are the most polluting way to burn solid fuels.

Using a well-designed, properly installed stove or appliance can make a big difference and The Stove Industry Alliance has introduced the Ecodesign Ready label which can emit up to 80 per cent less pollution than a normal Defra approved appliance.

Ashburn Stoves & Heating supply Ecodesign stoves.