The mystic world of the ‘Biomass Carbon Heat Cycle’ explained by Barney the Beaver, our resident furry woodland creature.


It is actually a very simple concept, but not widely understood:

barney the beaver

  • Trees (or other crops) grow, and as they grow they trap carbon.
  • The trees are then cut down, turned into DRY logs and burnt in an EFFICIENT Log Stove or Biomass Boiler. (Harvested Biomass crops are turned into pellets for automatic Biomass Boilers).
  • The carbon is then released – to be re-captured by the next growth of wood or crops.

Note: Beavers, furry or otherwise, are not part of the Carbon Cycle – Barney is only here to help with our education

If you want to learn more about burning wood or installing log stoves, follow the ‘all about stoves’ link on the SIA website here

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