Ashburn stock the Romotop range of contemporary designer fireplaces - multi fuel and wood logs stoves

Romotop bring design, innovative and technical developments together, producing some unique designs which deliver real efficiency.

romotop log stoves


Many of their designs offer the option of integrated natural stone or ceramics, providing both unique design and the ability to store heat. Many designs can be incorporated with central heating systems.

ROMOTOP fireplace stoves and fireplace inserts offer to customers top design, high-quality technical processing and an innovative solution for the wood-burning process. A wide range of products caters to the needs of both standard and low-energy houses. Heat energy can be stored in accumulation tiles or distributed all around the house using hot-water exchangers. Customers can select between tiles with hand-made ceramics or natural stone.

ROMOTOP is an innovator in the area of design, development and combustion quality.

The requirements placed on fireplace stoves and fireplace inserts are on the rise. Unlike in the past, customers demand not only an aesthetically unique product, but also high efficiency, usefulness and environment-friendliness. Our products play an increasingly important role as sources of heat in modern households. Our innovation team keeps improving the efficiency and cleanliness of our fireplace stoves. In compliance with its code of conduct, the innovative solutions of Romotop always pay special attention to environmental-friendliness and the economy of operation.

The goal of the innovation team is to bring new technical solutions, namely designs of combustion chambers, flue gas ways and combustion process management. Thanks to these efforts, our new products provide a much more stable combustion process in a wide interval of heat outputs. ROMOTOP also holds a patent for a hot water exchanger with the TRIPLE PASS system that provides a higher transfer of heat to the heating medium and ensures a lower amount of harmful substances produced by biomass burning.


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