Why Solar Water Heating? - A system for solar water heating for hot water and central heating. Suitable for family houses or large buildings as part of a Multi-Energy system.

Regulus Solar Thermal Heating Solutions – Ashburn are UK distributor for Regulus

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Our new generation of solar panels, designed to fit into the roof rather than sit on top of the roof, has improved the visual and environmental impact of Solar Thermal Heating.

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A multi energy system linking Biomass from a Log Boiler with Solar Thermal from the latest flush fitting Solar Panels will provide hot water and heating directly in to the property. With the option to add further energy sources in the future, this system stores energy as heat – available on-demand when required.

Read about our REGULUS flush fitting solar panels here >> http://ashburnstoves.co.uk/new-in-roof-solar-panels-in-the-national-park/

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During sunny days from spring to autumn, a properly designed solar thermal system can cover the entire hot water consumption.

For support or complete hot water heating during the remaining days, a backup source switches on (an electric heating element, biomass or gas boiler etc.).
Solar thermal systems can be also designed for existing heating support and seasonal pool heating.

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