Fix your fuel prices now – don’t miss the price increases

We are expecting price increases on fuels such as wood pellets for the start of the colder evenings – BUT we still have some capacity left for price fixing if you are quick

We have allocated some warehouse space to house 25 tons of wood pellets, providing the opportunity for our customers to fix their fuel costs this autumn.

wood pellets buy in bulk

Ashburn buy pellets in bulk to give you great savings

The offer:

ashburn Purchase a 960 kilo pallet of our high quality hardwood pellets now at £250.00

ashburn We will store your pallet until November 1st 2017 at no cost

ashburn We will deliver your bags (within a 10 mile drive, to a suitable roadside location) at no cost

ashburn This offer will only remain until we get our annual price increase from the manufacturers


Collect them now and save another £25.00

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buy wood pellets in bulk