Barney thought it would be interesting to understand what our customers think is important when they are considering buying a log stove….. so he asked them…. clever creature:

barney the beaver

  1. Comfort – everyone agrees that they want warmth and comfort as a priority.
  2. Savings – being in control of heating costs and benefiting from the efficiency of modern stoves.
  3. Independence – being more independent of utility companies is increasingly important.
  4. Safety – having confidence that their supplier can arrange a competent chimney survey and fit a stove which is safe; meeting regulations and insurance requirements.
  5. Modern or Retro – the growing range of stoves being produced presents a bewildering range to choose from. Modern engineering excellence is evident in all our stoves.
  6. Flexibility – many of our customers want more than a Log Stove. We are renewable heating experts and can advise upon flexible, multi energy renewable heating options

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