specialist heating installersWhat are the renewable energy challenges when working from home

Some thoughts from Ashburn’s Renewable Heating team

For many people working from home will be the future ‘normal’ …….. but there are implications which need to be factored in:

  • Where and when your home is heated may change the costs calculations for type of heating system you use
  • Less travel to and from work may reduce some peoples costs, or the expenses costs to their employer
  • More time working from home during the winter months will mean higher energy bills
  • The type of vehicle you run and the type of energy it uses may change
  • Energy companies may change the way they charge for energy at different times of the day

Our new ‘Renewable Energy Centre’ will help answer these and other questions you may have about your home or business heating options.

We are currently in the middle of moving the whole business into it’s new home so making an appointment to see us would be wise at the moment, but we can make you comfortable in Hamish’s Cafe next door and talk you through the Renewable Energy options


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